USB PTZ Video Conferencing Camera Manufacturer

Our Team
Telecam Technology Co.,Ltd

Telycam is created by a team with a deep technological heritage of image processing, video electronics, and optical technology. 

 We are proud of every member in the group, not because every single one of us is perfect but thanks to we have a same dream and same goal—to make Telycam grow up consecutivelly. Hence, the R&D engineers, the marketing group, the sales team, the production department, the logistic members guarantee Telycam one team, one way: to develop&manufacture the proper products by understanding completely what users need, to keep our cooperated partner profit, to offer clients hassle free post service.

Attention to details, strive for excellence, keep technological innovation!

Managing Director

  • Aaron Xia

    Being Committed to live application and user experience, Telycam strives to be the leader of USB camera supplier.

Sales&Marketing Representative

  • JennyLiu

    Insight into audience, disperse trust and value.

  • Lisa Huang

    Your demand is what we concern.

R&D Representative

  • Smart Liu

    Software developing never aims to the best, only to the better.

  • George Wang

    Based on truth and practivality to seek innovation.

  • Heley Zhang

    Focus on elaboration, pursue to accuracy.

  • Winson Xu

    Embarking on a journey enable your life half success.

Production Representative

  • XiaoBing

    Keep an eye on every detail during quality inspection.

  • ZangCaiHe

    Let the last round of examination to be more strict.

  • XiaShaoJun

    Alyways sourcing the top level material at apppropriate price.

  • LiuHang

    Guarrante production, guarrante quality.